One of the types of fun you can have these days is what the Americans call 'candied eyes'.  This refers to the sensation you get after looking at wonderful daguerreotypes for hours on end; the feeling of having your eye-orbs coated in a kind of sharp, gritty and yet syrupy substance.  Don't worry.  Your eyes won't literally be coated with this stuff.  It's just good old-fashioned synesthesia working its magic again.  And, as we all know, coating your visual spheres with sugar will only lead to an eye-weevil infestation.

As this website is done by computers and doesn't really exist as such, I'm unable to display the sort of daguerreotypes you're used to from eye-groping your morning newspapers of a morning.  Instead I shall present you with what is essentially a Roman mosaic, but a mosaic made from little dots of light rather than coloured tiles, and which are gaudily displayed on your Visual Display Unit instead of being cemented to the floor.  You could cement your VDU to the floor if that helps.  It's just a suggestion.