Drawings are a recent invention.  Upon seeing the animated films of Pixar, a young Walt Disney wondered how images could be created without the use of a server farm.  It took him eight years to develop the initial concept of using flat, flexible sheets and some kind of permanent stain applied by a object manipulable by hand (which of course led to the invention of paper and ink respectively) in order to create portable medium to create images on.  It took another five years of research to learn how to craft the stain-marks into something that the human brain would interpret as depicting objects, scenes, landscapes, plants or people etc.  Sadly Walt died before the public unveiling of the world's first hand-produced drawing: a stick-woman with an improbably large pair of breasts (currently on display at the Tate Modern).

Of course drawing has come a long way in the year-and-a-half since Walt's death, and the sophistication of the drawings produced by recent artists (or 'drawers', as the kids are calling them) is simply astounding.  The irony is of course that computer technology has caught up to allow us to do our drawings on the computers that Walt spent his whole life-force on trying to supercede.  The fool.

It's no boast to say that this website contains some of the finest, most realistic drawings known to man. They're even categorised.  Try getting that level of service in the Tate Modern!