Amazing amounts of fun available here.

You might well be the sort of person that you get these days that enjoys fun.  There's no shame in it; even some famous people and politicians have been spotted having fun recently.  It's what all the cool kids are doing.

In fact, in various parts of Arabia there are whole buildings dedicated to having fun!  Of course we have nothing like that in the Western world, but what can't be done physically can always be done by computers.  And look no further: this website has actually been done by those computers (the proof? Try licking it - it tastes of binary).

So think of this, if you will, as a ghostly and slightly nauseating public space devoted almost in its entirety to fun, the raw materials to make a fun happen in your body and naturally to alleviating the terrible after-effects from having a fun.


If you like to view things in the natural world, but are offended by the sheer amount of volume of air displaced by corporeal objects then there's a novel solution I've found.  I take these views of things, squeeze, crush and compress them between the shutters of a camera (I own my own) and paste them on the rear-side of your screen.  It's labour intensive, but at least it quits you whining about the three-dimensionality of it all.


If you're a caveman (and there're some as say you are) then you'll know all about this drawing lark.  If you're not a caveman (and we all think you're protesting too much about that) then the only exposure to drawing you'll have had is that time when you cut your finger on your broken iDevice screen and wiped the blood on some kitchen paper.  The blotted blood looked a bit like a smiling face, didn't it?  Well drawing is like that but using fluids squeezed from a squid rather than your own life essence.  There's a whole gallery of these smiling, squiddy faces for you to ponder over.  And you won't even need a blood transfusion!


Blog comes from the ancient Greek bloggo, which is their word for the tickly itch you have at the back of your mouth sometimes.  These days it's been subverted to mean random, senseless prose forced on the general public via electronic means.  There's no connection between the ancient and modern usage, which leads me to think that the evolution of language is out of control and probably drunk on surgical spirits.  I don't blame it.  Here are other things that I think...